Terry Garrett founded Racknine Outdoors in 2007​ in Union Springs, Alabama.  Through the years, Racknine has worked to enhance wildlife and establish fair chase practices in Illinois and Missouri with Alabama always being the foundation.  Stephanie Ferguson partnered with Racknine Outdoors in 2016.

 In 2017, Racknine expanded it's business operations to include Western Kentucky's Ohio and Butler Counties.  Today Racknine Outdoors operates in both Alabama and Kentucky with new locations being scouted on a continual basis.

Southern Alabama

Located in Barbour Co AKA the Blackbelt Region.  This farm has approxiamately a mile of Pea River frontage with nearly 1000ACs of swamps, hardwoods, clear cuts, and 12 food plots.  The Blackbelt Region is known for its fertile soil which also aids in antler growth.  Alabama's Rut doesn't start till the 2nd to 3rd week of January and our season goes out Febuary 10th.  So as the rest of the countries deer season's are ending we are just getting ready for prime hunting.  We have a minuimin of 8 pts. preferably 3.5yrs or greater.  There is a $500 fine for anything less than 8pts.  Turkey hunting is always a thrill season starts March 15th goes out April 30th.  Eastern turkey maybe the most common but they are definetly to hardest to hunt.  Feral hog hunts are available year round with no miniumin harvest. 

Western Kentucky

Racknine Outdoors farms are located in Ohio and Butler Counties and totaling 2500 acres of croplands, hardwoods, sawtooth oak orchards, and river bottom ground.  In Butler County, we have roughly a full mile of Green River frontage.  Kentucky's hunting secret is out!  In the last 10 years,  the popularity of Kentucky for world-class bucks and turkey has grown tremdously.  Search results show Kentucky is consistently listed in the top 10 US states to hunt.  Wideopen Spacesputs Kentucky in the #1 spot; Realtree's Antler Nationgave Kentucky an "A".  Kentucky ranks 2nd in QDMA'S top five for greatest antlered buck harvest. (We have a 130 inch mininum)

Turkey hunting in Kentucky is also ranked as one of the top Eastern Turkey hunting hot spots. Kentucky has one of the longest combined turkey seasons anywhere!  Spring season general dates are Spring April 15th -  May 7th. Fall archery is September 2nd - January 15th.  Fall shotgun is October 28th - November 3rd and December 2nd - 8th.  Fall Crossbow is October 1st - 22nd and November 11th - December 31st. (Mature birds only.  Jakes will result in $200 fine.)